A culmination of lived experience and the creative anchor of expression. A renegade, multifarious embrace of medium, effort, and object. A celebration of in-betweens and intuition, experimentation and intention, and the alchemy of energetic exchange and connection. A fiery commitment to self and an ode to all of the women within a single earthly body. Here, and elsewhere, is the meaning of the dream. Banu is the creative practice and guiding star of Los Angeles-based artist Sheewa Salehi. Through Banu, Sheewa explores themes spanning identity, personal history, and hidden emotion. A seed of inspiration from which to grow and reach beyond, Banu often engages with florals as a language of community, emotion, and transformation. Connected to everything and attached to nothing, Banu reimagines the ordinary with honesty, curiosity, and generosity of spirit, inviting others to do the same.

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